A More Vibrant Real Estate Business via EFT

If only I had known EFT many years ago!
Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Years ago, (It really does feel like it was in another life!) I quit my day job and decided to follow one of my dreams. What was it? You guessed it, Real Estate. I reasoned that I love meeting people, I love helping people, I love houses and so many other things, so after taking the courses at night while working an overtime job, I finally went and passed the exam. When shortly thereafter, my company needed to either let me go or transfer me to the crappiest department ever, I chose to be let go of, and plunge head first in Real Estate.

And then, I got myself really really really busy. Everyone could see how busy I was. Showing up at all the open houses, taking all the training my Realtor would offer in-house, marketing, meeting people, showing houses, there wasnt a person who thought I was slacking off, I was doing my best at Real Estate, yet a year went by, and I had nothing to show for, absolutely nothing. So when I got a phone call from  a recruiter who needed someone the very next day to fill a position, I jumped in, with both feet.

Looking back, I can see what I did right, and  what I did wrong. I can see now clearly the roadblocks I hit without even realizing, I was just too busy, showing everyone around how busy I was.

Had I known EFT, I would have quickly realized some of my roadblocks:

1. STALLING. Showing every one how busy I was, preventing me from doing the real work I needed to get done to be successful, or to prevent from people realizing  I really didn’t know what I was doing

2. AFRAID OF SUCCESS. Yes, success, I was afraid of being successful, what would happen then? Who would I be then?

3. THE “WHAT IF’S”. What if I did it wrong? and the deal felt through? What if they laughed at me? what if I put myself out there and they say NO?

4.  FEAR.  There are so many fears in Real Estate that I don’t even which to mention

and so many more stumbling blocks that I put in front of myself. As a matter of fact, they are still, for the most part, ahead of me,  however, this time, I have EFT on my side, and I am crumbling them to pieces one at the time, allowing me to forge forward and build the thriving business I really want to, and one of my goals is to help you overcome those stumbling blocks with your name on it,  and to allow you to stand out and be successful.
You deserve it!

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