About EFT

What is EFT or Tapping?

If you have never heard of EFT before, some people describe it as emotional acupuncture.

The way I like to describe EFT is , just as acupuncture uses needles,  and reflexology uses pressure on a variety of points along our body’s meridians, EFT uses vibrations through tapping on these very same points, hence its nickname ‘Tapping’.

These points located on our body’s meridians act as filters, and when we experience negative experiences, whether emotional or physical, and they don’t get processed properly through our body, these filters get plugged, and the energy is then disrupted.

My favorite example is a funnel. When you use a funnel in your cooking, let’s say for sugar, and you start pouring, the funnel does a great job, but suddenly there is a lump, and the flow is suddenly slowed, and then, another lump and the flow is slowed even more, as time goes by, the funnel now has a hard time doing the job it’s supposed to be doing.  The sugar (energy) isn’t flowing anymore and physical and emotional illness start appearing.

Here is where EFT’s greatness come along.  When you tap on these points while focusing on your ‘trauma’ (negative experience) it’s like you tapping on that funnel trying to break down that clump of sugar, and suddenly, the flow is reestablished. Sometimes if there is only one lump, the flow is then back to normal, yet if you have several lumps, you can still ‘break’ them until the flow is fully restored.

One of the great things about EFT is that it’s FREE to learn and you can practice on yourself. There are several youtube videos out there, and EFT Universe as well as Emofree.com offer you free documentation to learn, and by yourself you can resolve a lot of your own issues, from cravings, to phobias, to pain to old traumas, the list is endless but sometimes, working alone doesn’t give you the results you are looking for, not because it isn’t effective, but because we can get lost in our own stuff. Too many emotions, too many memories and sometimes just too close to the problem to really see how best to handle it, and working with a practitioner is often the best solution, a helping hand to help you achieve your goals, to simply live a better healthier life.

Please browse through our site, learn, make yourself at home, and if you come to realize one day, that you are ready to create a better life for yourself and need a helping/guiding hand, know that I am right here, ready to help you achieve your dreams.