Hidden benefits to a speech impediment

Today, what I would like to share with you is something that has happened recently. I met this handsome, smart, young man, his name is Ian. Dedicated, hard working, the work, really! Enough to make any parent really proud, yet this young man has a speech impediment.

When we met, we started talking about EFT and how it could possibly help him. He is at an age where he really wants to find a great job, (and it does require public speaking) as well as dating and hopefully meet his future wife, so it was quite evident that for Ian to get rid of this speech impediment is something that he really really wanted to do.

As we were doing some tapping together so I could show him how EFT works, I saw on his face a deep realization. As he was tapping, and I could see the excitement build up, and then suddenly his face grew very quiet and his tapping started slowing down, suddenly, slowly he said: “if I get better and stop stuttering, I will make my sisters wrong”. I asked for clarifications, and he looked at me, and continued explaining that both of his sisters chose Speech therapy as a career and that he was the marking influence in their decision, yet after both of them being successful in their work, he was still stuttering, and he couldn’t disappoint them by getting better and showing them that someone else succeeded when they didn’t. We also tapped on that fear.

Today if you were to meet Ian, you wouldn’t believe that he had such a speech impediment. When nervous, he still stutters, but not as much and only when nervous, but then, it just reminds him of how far he came from. And he still tap on it, he taps before he does any public speaking, or anytime he is afraid of speaking up, and he taps after, allowing him to free him of his fears and mistakes. I am telling you, any parent would be so proud of him. Oh! and by the way, his sisters are really proud too!


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