EFT and Back Pain

As some of you may know, I was recently part of a week long Relationship seminar based on EFT. The day before the program started, Baby and I decided to go to the grocery store and buy some  food  as we knew it was going to be busy and wouldn’t have much time during the training.

As we were walking towards the grocery store, baby and I saw a woman riding a bicycle with a child seat attached to the front of the bicycle as opposed to a trailer attached to the back of the bike, which really got me excited that maybe if we had time during the seminar or after, we could rent a bike and spend some time visiting the place and doing some exercise all at the same time, we were so excited! As we continued walking towards the grocery store, we noticed a bike rental store, with the lady, her name was Melanie, helping two clients with bikes they had just rented. So we decided to stop and started talking with Melanie.

One of the first questions that she asked when she found out we were staying at the hotel just down the road from her, was what is the workshop for, she asked. After a quick introduction, I mentioned to her, ” You know, the best way to really understand EFT is to do a simple round on something that is currently bothering you, you seem to have back pain is that correct?” (I had noticed earlier how she twitched her middle back ever so often) She replied that yes as a matter of fact, just before she met me outside her shop she had wanted to go inside and use a certain pain killer and go sit in the darkest room of the shop,  thus I offered to work on it.

“Listen,” I said, “I can’t guarantee anything but lets just do a quick round, help me describe your pain right now” She went on describing where her pain was, , and some of the questions we often ask when working as a practitioner is if the pain has any shape, form or color, as well as on a scale from 0 to 10, 0 being no pain and 10 being at the top, where she rated her pain, all of this to help them better visualize and tune into their pain, which in return create a better chance at creating a shift and relieving pain.

After a few moments, we were ready to tap:
– Even though I have this back pain bothering me, , it’s at an 8, this big grey spikey cloud taking over my back and I am ready to take pain medicine and just lay low, I fully and completely love and accept myself

Now here is one of the interesting part, a lot of clients have difficulties saying ” I Love and Accept myself” but Melanie just started crying, really hard.  So we added:
– Even though I have this back pain and now I have to start loving and accepting myself when I really dont want to, its too hard, and I really really dont love and accept myself, I am ready to start the process

(we did another Even though, including both the pain and the Loving and Accepting statement) and then we started tapping on different points
– This 8 in my back
– Its really hurting me, I want to take a  painkiller
– Its a big grey spikey cloud
– and apparently my back pain is there to tell me that I dont love and accept myself
– How could you love and accept yourself with such pain
– I just want to lay low in a dark room and be left alone
– I don’t love and accept myself
– This cloud really hurts me
– I dont know what to do about it
– This 8 in my back

After just a quick round, I asked her again to rate her pain from 0 to 10. Here is another reason why, before we start tapping, we ask to rate the pain, sometimes the shifts are so great that clients forget how big of a problem it really was at the beginning.
Her pain was now a little 3, she never experienced so much relief and so quick, admitting that even her painkillers wouldn’t bring her such a relief let alone in such rapid time frame.

The entire session lasted less than 5 minutes, and brought her so much relief that she was glad to actually go back to work and skip the painkiller. We took a few more minutes for me to write down how she could tap on her own again if the pain came back or even if she needed just an emotional boost in case she was having a hard day!

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